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Mansfield Plumbing

Product Campaign

Standing out by sitting down on the job.

Walker Zanger

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Creating a roadmap for the customer journey.

Armstrong Ceilings

Brand Transition

Taking a new angle on a well-known name.

James Hardie

Influencer Campaign

Raising awareness by speaking their language.

Henry Blueskin

Awareness Campaign

Succeeding by sticking with what works.


Pandemic PR

Public relations is not always about reporting news, it is often about creating news.

I am feeling very grateful for the new “angular motion” design you created and we’re privileged to work with. I think it is brilliant.

CECI GOOD, Graphic Design Supervisor, Armstrong World Industries

• Best Advertising Campaign
• Best Channel Marketing Campaign

Henry Company , 2018 Brand Builder Gold Award Winner
I am so thankful for your research and helping me activate a bold path forward for the brand.
Erika Egede-Nissen, Marketing Director, Walker Zanger

Shawn is a truly unique talent. He brings a deep understanding of the industry along with cutting edge knowledge of all the integrated marketing communication elements. He is able to combine this experience and talent with the clients brand promise to develop impactful and results oriented strategies.

Gary Pember, VP Marketing, Mansfield Plumbing Products
Our influencer marketing campaigns with Draper DNA are easily the highest performing campaigns we run.
Bridget Kulla, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, James Hardie

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