Not your average thinking about home and building product marketing.
That’s how we generate above-average results.

At Draper DNA, we’re big fans of challenging the conventional thinking that’s turned home and building product marketing into an uninspiring muddle of sameness we’ve all come to know and hate.

Nothing against your products—it just seems that all too often the people tasked with telling the world couldn’t really give a damn about them. We, on the other hand, love this stuff.
Even better, we know what the heck we’re doing.

We’re entrepreneurs who believe there’s a better, faster, less expensive way of achieving your goals. We’ve got a pretty decent working knowledge of job sites that dates back three generations. We’ve got a deep pool of industry knowledge and a wealth of marketing experience. We’re up on the latest trends, and familiar with the most-effective sales tools.
These days that means:

Embracing disruptive marketing to propel you to the top of mind, market and wallet

Creating social media influencer programs with architects, designers and consumers

Leveraging marketing technology for geo-targeting, lead generation and, yes, sales

Tomorrow? The tools may change, and we’ll be able to tell you all about them.* But the need to keep messages simple and powerful remains constant.

It all boils down to Rule #1:
If you’re not getting attention, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

*Maybe the next generation of algorithms won’t require a mind-numbing number of words on a web page to get some SEO attention, but for now that’s best practice so here we are.


Shawn Draper
Lead Strategist

Shawn keeps the strategy in place, the plates in the air and the attention where it belongs: on you.

Ashlie Lanning
Content and Social Media Strategist

Ashlie tells engaging stories. The kind that keep people reading, clicking, thinking and buying.

Rick Binger
Art and Creative Director

He’s great at making it look good; Rick’s even better at making sure the message really sinks in.

Kristin Upchurch
Media Strategist

Kristin can figure out where your customers will be, and get your message there before they do.

Josh Fraimow
Copy and Creative Director

If big ideas and smart headlines make you smile, Josh will have you grinning all the way to the bank.

Abby Draper

Abby Draper
Lead Account Strategist

Abby brings a keen sense of humor, a writer’s attention to details, and rich experience that delights the clients.

Chad Seay
WordPress Creative Director

Chad is a wizard at making WordPress work its magic for you and your customers.

Casey Nifong
Search Strategist

Casey is the guardian of keeping your business top of mind online.

Paulo Simoes
Video Producer

Lights. Camera. ACTION! Paulo tells a story your customers can see themselves in.

I am feeling very grateful for the new “angular motion” design you created and we’re privileged to work with. I think it is brilliant.

CECI GOOD, Graphic Design Supervisor, Armstrong World Industries

• Best Advertising Campaign
• Best Channel Marketing Campaign

Henry Company , 2018 Brand Builder Gold Award Winner
I am so thankful for your research and helping me activate a bold path forward for the brand.
Erika Egede-Nissen, Marketing Director, Walker Zanger

Shawn is a truly unique talent. He brings a deep understanding of the industry along with cutting edge knowledge of all the integrated marketing communication elements. He is able to combine this experience and talent with the clients brand promise to develop impactful and results oriented strategies.

Gary Pember, VP Marketing, Mansfield Plumbing Products
Our influencer marketing campaigns with Draper DNA are easily the highest performing campaigns we run.
Bridget Kulla, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, James Hardie